Publicly, with love…

While taking rest after the surgery done on my left hand, broken from the road accident on February 2018 and moreover, recovering from my addictive behavior, my mom had not only restricted me from using any vehicle for a year but also from touching anything that move! When it comes to automobiles, motorbike and aeroplane … Continue reading Publicly, with love…


The story of Orma’18

At times, a disastrous calamity materialize as a wondrous boon. Kerala witnessed a catastrophic flood in August 2018 and it is the worst flood in nearly a century of my home state’s history. On August 16th 2018, while Kerala was reeling under flood, a place named Ambadimukku (അമ്പാടിമുക്ക്), a few kilometers away from my house … Continue reading The story of Orma’18

Notes on Know More’18

This blog-post consists of my notes on a one day seminar titled Know More’18 conducted by esSENSE Global at PWD rest house, Ernakulam on 25th November 2018. Know more’18 started with Sajeevan Anthikad’s talk titled അറിയപ്പെടാത്ത സഹോദരൻ ഭാഗം രണ്ടു (Unknown Brother Part II) It was about the life and message of K. Ayyappan, a 20th … Continue reading Notes on Know More’18

377 & beyond

This write up is based on the notes I have taken while I was attending a seminar called dot issue by Essense Global at Government Model Engineering College, Cochin on 3rd November 2018. The seminar moderated by Shahina Nafeesa, journalist and recipient of Chameli Devi Award was based on Indian constitution’s section 377 that deals … Continue reading 377 & beyond

Impetus ‘18 – A Seminar on Rationalism, Atheism and Free Thinking by EsSENSE

EsSENSE, Freethinkers’ dairy is an Indian rationalist platform based in Kerala. It brings together rationalist speakers, writers, thinkers, activists, supporters, and well-wishers, with the goal of promoting rationalism and freethinking in Kerala and in the larger global environment. Through EsSENSE’s publications, e-magazines, seminars, online media, and other collaborative platforms, they endeavor to develop rationalist thought, … Continue reading Impetus ‘18 – A Seminar on Rationalism, Atheism and Free Thinking by EsSENSE

World Oral Literature Project: An Internship Experience in Jungle.

A few months ago, when Rayson.K.Alex, the Principal Researcher briefed me about World Oral Literature Project and asked me to join, more than the international relevance of the project, I was attracted to the offer of staying inside jungle, having adventurous treks, camping and finally making a good documentary. Moreover, I found it interesting to … Continue reading World Oral Literature Project: An Internship Experience in Jungle.