Virtual Circus

The emergence of social networking sites and blogs has been a great boon to many of us. They help us to interact with friends, upload pictures, videos et al. I had my first online social networking experience with Orkut; it was way back in 2006. Today after 4 years, the Orkut ‘fever’ is over with … Continue reading Virtual Circus


Please Forgive Me, William Miller…

Nearly a year ago, at midnight, I was coming back to Madras Christian College (MCC) from a small get-together along with my best buddies, Arun and Ben. They were boozed, as usual, and I was boozed in my own way―over drunk. After making fuzz with the security personnel at the entrance, we entered in to … Continue reading Please Forgive Me, William Miller…

Women and I

I did my schooling in a convent school run by Catholic priests and nuns. Strict rules and regulations, heavy home-works and harsh punishments were the trademarks of my school.  During those days, classrooms were divided into two columns, one for boys and other for girls. It was looked upon as a sin if a boy … Continue reading Women and I

Linux Love!

I was introduced to the world of Open Source Softwares by the Chip Magazine’s June 2009 edition. It provided along with other complimentary DVDs, a Live DVD of Linux Ubuntu Operating System (OS). I was amazed and thrilled to use the new OS on my laptop. Installation of Ubuntu was effortless and I made … Continue reading Linux Love!