Child in Us

Child in us, We ignore; While taking us, On way being mature.   Maturity is cliché, A doom city; Where we lose our psyche, Where we lose our curiosity.   Its child in us, Who tells us to move on; When failures bend us, Yet force us to try on.   World is in ruts, … Continue reading Child in Us

Weight Loss Anthem

People around me keep on asking me, how I could reduce so much of weight in a little span of time? That too, a whopping 14 kilograms!  I always enthusiastically answer all their questions and explain my diet and work out plans.  But to my blog and its dear readers, I would love to express … Continue reading Weight Loss Anthem


Me is a simple me, Me knows well about me, Me comes anywhere with me, Me is the best part of me.   Sole power‘s with me, To move me, To groom me, And world around me.   Me is not thee, Thee can’t be me, Me can’t be thee, Me can only be me. … Continue reading Me