‘Njaval Pazhangal’ ‘ഞാവൽ പഴങ്ങൾ’ – A Beautifully Narrated Short Film

Since visual media and technology has become cheap and accessible to everyone, lot of amateur film makers are into creating short movies and showcasing it in platforms like YouTube. Short-film making has become a rat race. Some of them conveys socially relevant messages while most of them don’t. And, I don’t want or like to … Continue reading ‘Njaval Pazhangal’ ‘ഞാവൽ പഴങ്ങൾ’ – A Beautifully Narrated Short Film

Jokuttan (Johan K Jobin)

Oh… it took two long days to set up my favorite video editing software - Sony Vegas Pro and brush up my long forgotten editing skill to develop this slide show for my uncle. It has been two and half years since I haven’t even edited a single video or created a slide show. This … Continue reading Jokuttan (Johan K Jobin)

Doore…Doore… – A Musical Treat

Oh...I can't resist myself from sharing this video - a music video directed, shot and edited by some of my closest friends during my campus days. I really love this music video because it was my first attempt to emulate singing in front of camera. Later, I realized that I love to do it again!

In their eyes

A seven minute video-documentary of the responsive expressions of Mudugar, a tribal community in Attappady, watching themselves on screen. Watch the twinkling eyes that look on the camera! The documentary is made in Mudugar-Kurumbar Research Centre, Attappady, with the World Oral Literature Project of University of Cambridge.